Sunday, December 20

My great idea: draft dodger

I've envied the "door cozies" on my neighbor's many doors but haven't successfully located such an item for my own home. The house was built ~1923 when drafts must have been all the fashion... anyhoo, I'm weary of cold tootsies.

After at least 12 months of good intentions, I finally made my own! Behold the repurposing of an old towel to save our house heat and energy bills!

It straddles the bottom of the door. Holes snipped at strategic points provide pass-throughs for decorative cording to hold the rolls in place.

Sloping floors seem to have also been in vogue in 1923. A few modifications on one end of the towel did the trick.

An unintentional benefit is that it also wipes away any wet footprints in the door path. I am *so* smart! (And wonderful. And fabulous. And modest.)


  1. You are. All those things. I need more info because we just have blankets or towels pushed up against the door; I like the straddle the door thing because then it stays in place regardless of the direction I'm headed.

  2. Ingredients: Spare towel, 4 lengths of cord, scissors.
    Lay towel flat.
    Find length-wise middle and mark thickness of door.
    Cut two holes on each side of door thickness.
    Roll edges of towel to those points, string cord, and tie the rolled bundles in place.
    Slip under door.