Thursday, August 18


I just came across this on one of the education-related blogs I follow. I've idly wondered how to get a favicon in place!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Here's a little something extra I found a while ago and have put to use in a few places where I publish online...

Favi-what, you ask? Favicons are those cute little icons that pop-up next to the URL of a website when you're browsing online or bookmarking sites. Recognize any of these?
They're TINY! And they get embedded in the HTML code of websites to customize them with extra cuteness. And is sort of important, I guess. Whatever.

Anyway, is a favicon generator, a site where you can create your own favicons! You can create them from scratch, or start with an uploaded image and tweak it from there. You'll notice the favicon for this site is the Charles Wright Academy crest. Or something like it. The actual upload looked like this:
Not entirely recognizable, but I did a bit of minor tweaking and then saved the .ico file to use in Blogger for this site (which is dead easy, btw). It's so tiny, it still looks like the Tarrier symbol we all know and love.

Similarly, I took the square logo from my other blog, and made a favicon for that site.

Looks crazy as a favicon, right? But when it's super tiny in your URL bar, it looks...close enough!

Customize to your heart's content:

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  1. I think this is funny because when I came to your website and saw the little Kari on my tab I wondered, "How did she do that?!"