Friday, March 6

For these things, I am thankful

When I saw a therapist (I can admit it – I’m a big girl) in 2006 about anxiety issues, she suggested treating one aspect of my neuroses with self-appreciation and thankfulness, without guilt. While I have a handle on most of my issues (well, at least those I was trying to conquer then; I’m sure I’ve developed new ones now!), I realize I haven’t “counted my blessings” in some time. It seems wise to give thanks more often than during an annual November poultry pig-out.

School. Nearly every day I’m blown away by what I see of my daughter’s educational experience. I’m thankful that she has good aptitude for studies and friend-making, that we have access to such a fine learning institution, and that my husband and I have comfortable friend circles there, and are able to share the good experiences as a family.

Retreats. I am thankful that we have open access to a nearby summer retreat where we can all unwind and enjoy Puget Sound and good summer weather. I’m also lucky to have access to a getaway in my hometown, which we use mileage tickets to access at least once a year, in the summer.

Daughter. Of course I’m thankful for a wonderful little girl, and know I always will be. I never dreamed how proud I’d be of her, for her kindness, respect for other, aptitude for learning, and child’s joy of the world around her.

Bidet-functioning toilet seats. It’s warm when I need it, and the spray of water always leaves me feeling oh-so-fresh. It’s a shame these aren’t more common in this country/culture.

Adjustable beds. When I’m sick, it’s indispensable as a TV-watching aide and as a method to keep me propped up so I can breath well. It’s also a great daily tool to adjust to my aging body’s needs based on the variety of activities I’ve chosen.

Good neighbors. Even if the house wasn’t my dream of nooks and crannies, I’d be hard-pressed to move, given our good relationships with neighbors – a great bunch of people who watch out for each other and enjoy spending time together.

This is just a partial list, of course… I’ll endeavor to pepper my thoughts with further thanksgiving.

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  1. God willing my daughter will be as fabulous as yours. As for the bidet, I wish I had one. *sigh*