Tuesday, September 29

Electric pressure cooker

Recall my previous "Love of Cuisinart" blog entry. Since then, upon instruction, my hubby brought it home from Costco.

Saturday's experiment was successful! I made red potatoes with parsley as directed in cookbook that came with the unit. It all happened surprisingly fast and the potatoes were perfectly cooked and tasty.

On Sunday, I followed the instructions for chicken soup with noodles, using homemade stock I had in the freezer. I misread a step and boiled the pasta separately, on the stove, instead of in the pressure cooker, so it seemed a bit more complicated, but I think I can blame that detraction on me. Again, the end product was delicious.

Last night I thought I'd give rice a whirl, since that was the impetus for the discovery! According to directions, I put in a little rice, a LOT of water, pressure-cooked for 10 minutes, slow-released pressure for 10 minutes, and then drained it in the sink. The resulting rice was moist and good, but... I'm not sure it saved me much time or effort? I think a rice cooker may still be in my future.

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