Saturday, September 19

Three thoughts about television competition shows*

1. Why do seemingly-worthy near-professionals bother? Remember, there's only one winner, a lot of shame and back-stabbing that'll take place, and fame may only fleetingly remember you as, "Oh, the one who won that show, but only because of editing." If you have cred, you're better off taking it to legitimate market and proving yourself there. More people earn the big bucks there than on reality TV.**

2. TV competition is only marketable when it's done in a negative manner. In proper competition, we highlight the winners, like good sports. Notice that most popular television shows rally around the elimination piece. Ratings come from the aforementioned shame and back-stabbing.

3. If there's a reality show/competition in my genre, I'll be there. I can't help but be lured by the "glamour" of the beast. If Bravo casts for a rummage special, I'm sure to sign up. I know I'm good and I'm prepared to show just how good!

*Blogs don't have to have a point

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  1. And you look really hot in a rubber skirt/dress. That would be a good selling point for the tv show too.